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Leon Magnus *ors*
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*sits on a bench next to the fountain carrying his weapons and Chaltier dressed ready to go on a trip. He waits patiently for Shirley to arrive.*

... Soon I'll be able to return to normal, Chal.

~Yes, I can't wait, Young Master.~

*nods and smiles a bit* My skills better not have grown rusty from this.

~We will just have to sharpen them up once more together.~

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

*pours himself a cup of dark roast coffee and mixes half of it with cream and sugar. Leon drinks down the diluted beverage for his morning boost of energy to get him through the morning hours of his part time job.*

Mm, alright. Time to get to work.

*finishes the last drops of coffee and tosses the cup into an open trash bin for 2 points. The oresoren straightens his vest a bit before walking out to the front to tend to the customers.*

Welcome to the Sand Gald Cafe.

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic

*Leon hops on a chair to reach the table to wipe it clean with a cloth after the previous customers left. He sways his tail slightly while cleaning and then hops off the chair and pushes it back in.*

... *he sighs softly and returns the cleaning cloth to the back of the cafe.*

( This isn't exactly what I expected to do to continue to earn my income in this city but I can't exactly fight monsters in this form. The pay better be worth it... I had to get my own uniform for this custom made in a tailor's. )

*Leon adjusts his uniform a bit and returns to the counter and slides up a box so he can get a better view of the customers to take their order.*

( Well, back to work. )

Current Location: Cafe
Current Mood: busybusy

*walks out of Senel's house with a can of catfood and a bowl in his hands*

Meron? Are you still around here? *walks around the yard in search of Meron*

Hmm... I wouldn't be surprised if she stopped staying around here since I disappeared for two weeks...

Meron? *walks past Florian the sheep who bleats softly at the oresoren*

... Ah! There you are! *a tricolor bobtailed cat meows lazily on top of a branch in a nearby tree*

I didn't expect you to still be around here. *crouches down and sets the bowl on the ground and opens the can of catfood to place the minced chicken into the dish*

Mrew? *Meron looks down oddly at the oresoren putting food out but the smell of chicken is too much to resist! She hops down the tree and begins to eat from the bowl*

There you go.

Current Location: Senel's Yard
Current Mood: goodgood

*Leon hums to himself the same song Marian hums while she cleans the mansion while he does the same thing in Senel's house to help Tear with the chores in her current condition*

*his tail wags as he stretches up standing on top of a chair to dust off a shelf*

Current Mood: busybusy

*And so, Leon and the two young maidens, Anise and Chloe return from the pet store to Senel's house to accomplish a variety of duties.*

*Leon pulls up a seat and takes out his new brush to begin combing his fur*

Mmm... this feels nice. *brushes down his belly*

Current Mood: complacentcomplacent

*And so! Stahn and co ( Leon is offically too short to be a leader, and Senel doesn't have more 'CHARGE!' than Stahn so he falls to third in command ) return to Werites Beacon via the Duct!*

*Leon stumbles out and leans against the outside of the duct feeling green from motion sickness*


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